nedelja, 04. december 2016

Noto, Part 2

Nothing new under the sun... or, under the clouds, I should say. There were no news from me since we had few weeks of bad weather and every time I wanted to take the bike to Noto for some free wifi it started raining. Same yesterday, but this morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day, so here I am. Nothing much going on, just trying to learn Sicilian dialect - I already mastered the Sicilian cuisine. Not a big deal, you just have to know the correct prayers.... yes, prayers. It was here that I first heard that you "add one Ave Maria of olive oil"... which means you continue to pour oil as long as it takes to say the complete Ave Maria...
Nothing more to say. I'm staying here till Xmass or NY or my birthday, will see. And a few pics from when the weather is nice.