ponedeljek, 02. julij 2018

En Provance

Rooting for the brewer to spoil beer... sounds improbable if not impossible, but it's true.
The past year I spent in Italy, mostly on Sicily with a summer trip to Tuscany. Some bad experiences, lots of good ones, but overall nothing really worth posting. And I felt pretty lazy, too. In winter ramon joined me in Italy and in early June we left for France. A three day train travel with the slowest (and cheapest) regional trains and we finally arrived to our destination, Miramas, close to Marseille.Domain de Sulauze, a winery and brewery owned by Karina (Brazilian) and Guillame (French), an amazingly friendly couple. The property is more like a small settlement with a bunch of families living here, most of them working for the Domain, and a completely separated house for the woofers, at times there's even 10 of us. There's Costarican and French beauties, an American student that doesn't seem to know where his head and ass are attached and there's German "Gestapo" - she wants to indoctrinate "ordnung und disziplin" to everyone, deciding when, who and what music can be played, when to go to sleep, what to eat... I already sent her to hell twice but she's totally oblivious to it. Anyway, in a week she'll be gone.
The brewers... Looks like they love to experiment (or they just don't know their trade, who cares) and a lot of kegs ends being filled with spoiled beer. Sometimes the beer tastes awful, sometimes it has just a slightly more soury taste but in any case it can't be sold. And so all the kegs like that end on the terrace of the wwoofer's house to be consumed. With great pleasure.