petek, 13. januar 2017

Snow And Happy B-Day

Still in the same place - more than 2 months now. A good thing about EU, I don't have to check the calendar when my tourist visa expires, so I'm taking my time.
Believe it or not, this winter is snowing even in Sicily. Could that be just because I came here to pass a cozy winter? It wouldn't surprise me. Still, luck is on my side. Here I saw snow just for a few seconds, it was melting the second it touched the ground. And it was a sunny day. Weird weather.

But in other parts of the island is much much worse, I see in old newspapers that the snow is coming down properly, caused by some cold winds coming from Russia. Another plot by Putin, I guess. Not that I care.
More important was my B-day. Since Giancarlo had to have a reunion with his two best mates, he decided to have it on my birthday.

I set everything in the morning and then slowly drank my wine, till Giancarlo, his son and his friends came.

Giancarlo's son Corrado enjoying the sun.

Some of the goodies that came with them.

Enzo is making an oranges - onions salad....

... and he also made the artichokes....

... and he brought some botarga (tuna eggs) - but I made the spaghetti with botarga!
Then it was time for the cake. It reminded me of an out-of-season birthday I had in Japan, when together with my son we had a cake made especially for otakus, with a beautiful picture of EVA 01 on it. As the Japanese cake was a feast for the eyes, the Sicilian was for my tastebuds (with all respect for the Japanese bakers!). It was a classic cassata made with ricotta. Mind me, noit cottage cheese. Ricotta. I don't give a shit what dictionaries or guugle translators say. It just isn't the same.

In the late afternoon it started to get chilly (= fucking cold), so we moved inside even the barbecue and opened some grappa, which helped us to breathe all the smoke.

Over and out. Hope you all had a nice Xmass and NY. Have no clue when I'm online again.