torek, 12. julij 2011

Enough of radish

July 3rd
Last week we moved again. Same story again, fridge, TV and so on loaded on the pickups, drinking beer and shouting (the boss did the shouting part, we did the drinking one) and cover everything because of the rain.

Till there, nothing special. We locked the door and hit the road but stopped after maybe twenty minutes. In a spot I learned to hate that same day, it's a wet and muddy working story, will not annoy you with it. I started to being really worried because it was almost midnight and there was an empty five toner truck waiting and I started to fear that my joke about a night shift might become true. Luckily it didn't. But to my great amazement we loaded the pickups on the big truck. Crazy stuff.

And we had a hell of a ride way north in the van and now we're settled in a guesthouse in a lost village that goes by the name of Gobuk. Of course the first thing that went in the room was the fridge and the first thing to go in it was the kimchi. Good thing, the fridge is in our room (I share it with two other guys) so we have anju and cold beer all the time for us.

Rainy season really started. It rains almost every day. We mostly don't work and when we do we're in mud to the knees. Following the weather we also changed the work routine, we do not load anymore cardboard boxes (we did it only once and it was an experience I do not want to repeat, half of the time running to cover the boxes, the other half running to load them) but huge plastic bags that can hold around half tone of radish. And also the radish now reached sort of biblical size, pieces of three or four kg are average and impossible to pack in the box. So we had to learn quickly the new way of picking and I was proud like hell when I found a new, better and faster, way of doing it just by myself. Here the point is to pull the radish (two radishes actually, one with each hand) and with a whipping movement of the wrist break all the leaves so the loader picks just the radish root and throws it in the bag. I added to the wrist movement also a quick twist that helps the snapping of the leaves and - lo and behold! - sends the radish root flying into the bag. Or somewhere very close to it, which is the same a good job because it speeds up the work. Or it could speed it, at least. It just doesn't. It's pretty dangerous, too. It hurts when you're hit by a huge radish. After I managed to hit a Chinese guy for the third time he got really angry and started throwing radishes at me. So I stopped inventing nonsense and kept doing it the way I was taught.
When we work I'm going crazy all the time because my boots keep being stuck in the deep mud and on days when we don't work I'm going crazy because it's boring and we don't make any money. At least when it's raining really heavily the boss is so nice that he wakes us at 4:30AM to drink coffee and tell us that we can keep sleeping on because we won't work. And we sleep till breakfast, somewhere around nine or ten, we go back to sleep till early afternoon, we start drinking beer and we sleep some more. We're so bored that we make silly juvenile jokes to the boss, like the one on the following picture...

No free wifi nowhere around. I will wait till we go somewhere with a PCbang to use the internet...

July 12th, Seoul
Call me softy, but I quit with radish. Sixteen hours shifts are just too much for me if they are the rule and not the exception. I hope to find soon another crew with more human working hours.

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