četrtek, 29. december 2011

Another Goodbye

Also the Japanese friend left. Almost a week earlier than planned, but it was the only option to get to Tokunoshima in time, ferry tickets sold out for the holidays. So he'll be spending a few days in Nagasaki before going to Kagoshima.
But I supposed you weren't fooled, he's no Japanese at all. He's my son. And he's Japanese in the way that I'm a Korean. We may not have almond eyes, we can't speak the language, but our hearts and souls are Asian to the core. And soon we'll also be speaking.
All in all ended well. He had a farewell party, too. Actually he had two. The first one was supposed to be just a normal drinking party. We went to a restaurant with some friends and then in a bar to eat more. I mean to drink more. And there it started. Few rounds of beer. Next step was somek (soju and mekchu, beer), the Korean screwdriver. It was not enough, so we did a few rounds of somakmek (soju and makkoli and mekchu). Bad idea. My drinking challenger was in the mood and he announced that it's a perfect day to have our contest, he went to buy beers and we went to my house. On the way home Ramon raised the white flag, he threw up all the alcohol to the last drop and he looked pretty much like a piece of crap. No more drinking for him. The yoga master quit even earlier, but not by his will - his wife forbid him to drink so he actually joined us just for a few drinks and later drank only tea. His doctor friend was already wasted which left The Challenger, The Poet and Sangpyeong to drink with me. And Sangpyeong had enough of beer so he brought soju and some other alcoholics with him.
Now, I'd be very happy to write that I won the drinking challenge. Hell, I'd be proud to write that I lost to such a man like my challenger. The sad point is, nobody knows what happened that night. Who gave up first? Nobody can remember. When did we fell asleep? Nobody knows. I woke up at noon and found that I have bruises on my arms and painful ribs. Did we have a fight? Nobody remembers. I couldn't have fell from the bed because I sleep on the floor.
It was then that Ramon found out it's his last day here. A farewell dinner was organized in a hurry, Sangpyeong offered him a lift to Busan and we started drinking.
Sangpyeong cooking
The Challneger

And his cute daughter Jin
The Doctor
And his cute daughter

Eventually we couldn't stand really a lot of beer. We returned home early and spent the last hours together like father and son, reading together the manga Evangelion. Then we watched Puchi Eva - Evangerion Atto Sukūru and before sleeping also the final scene from Evangerion Shin Gekijōban: Ha

Now he's gone. The room seems so big.
Have a safe trip, my loved son!

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  1. To my only defense I can say I have way less years of experience! ;) but hell, a good time is a good time!

    As sad as I am to have left, I am just as happy to be where I am. And where I will soon be.

    I guess this would be the perfect definition of 'bittersweet'. No matter. Time flies here in Asia and it'll be a sweetbitter feeling again really damn soon.