nedelja, 24. maj 2015

The Last Hitchiker

Sometimes I really feel like I'm the last one.  I made 1860 km in the past week, with some stops, and haven't seen one. But maybe it makes my life easier, most of the time the rides go smoothly, some days are just not for hitching (like the one I made only 68 km in 10 hours).

Mick, my longest ride on this trip - over 400 km. Good conversation, good music, good weed.
A two days stop in Gladstone, in the cheapest (and fanciest) backpackers hostel so far. With a pool.
Try any combination of these three facilities (that are in the same place).
Morning coffee on the beach, near Mackay.
A happy ride - we had to stop every 25 km because the engine was overheating. But we had tons of fun!
Cane railroad (or sugar train). Yup, the sugarcane fields are so humongous that the best way to transport harvested canes to the mill is by rail....

 Evening night over Bowen, for the time my last night on the side of the road.
At the moment: feeding wallabies. To think about: I came to the Blue Mountains, it started snowing. Left for the Hunter Valley, it ended flooded. Came to Queensland, in dry season, it rains every night. Yesterday I finally unpacked all my stuff at Russell's place, and it's fucking raining all the day! IN QUEENSLAND!

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