petek, 28. oktober 2016


I promised myself that I would be posting a bit more frequently... if there will be something interesting to write about. So I decided to make notes regularly, of any kind of curiosities... and I started this note as soon the train left the Trieste station. I bought the ticket to Rome online and I wanted to see what's the difference in price (I wouldn't be surprised to realize that I actually paid more online than at the ticket machine). I touched the screen of the vending machine and the thing greeted me: "Beware of pickpockets!" And, after all, I was lucky, for once. The online ticket was less than half of the station price. Cool, I boarded the train, car number 3, seat 67.  Weird.. the car has only 65 seats... AND my ticket is not valid. Sounds familiar? Well, this time it was my fault - I printed the wrong part of the ticket, some code number is missing. Is that a problem? Well, it should be... but hell, who cares, have a nice trip!
Thank you, Trenitalia :D
Well, I didn't like Rome so I immediately left for Napoli. Same there. Stopped in Salerno for a few days in a monastery...former monastery, now a funky looking hostel and I behaved as a proper tourist, walking the lungomare and visiting museums.
 A grater from the bronze age. Why would they need a cheese grater if they didn't know how to make pasta? (Being it a cheese grater is just my wild imagination!)
 A reminder to the right-wing traditionalists and religious morons who think that homophopbia is as old as humanity... it's not.

And it was time to leave for Sicily. My first glimpse of the island and the city of Messina.
 Catania, boring. Let's move to Siracusa, the city of Archimedes. Again, a tame tourist, yesterday checked the Temple of Apollo on the Ortigia island....

 ... and spent all the afternoon at the archaeological park.
 The Greek theater.
 With strong sun in my face. It's hot here. I mean really hot.
 The Ear of Dyonisos.

 The Roman theater.

 More than half of the paths in the park are like this, closed. The park itself is kept really badly so paying the ticket felt quite like a cheat.

 And then... THIS OPPROBRIUM! No, I'm not trying to sound intellectual - I actually had to look for the translation to opprobrium, because the first word that cane to mind after seeing this church was the italian obbrobrio and I really wanted to use it.
Today is raining, a quiet morning at the LOL hostel in Siracusa. If the rain stops I'll go to the museum and one more time to the Ortigia island, I heard there's a place that makes "the best ice-cream in the world". Hopefully on Sunday the weather turns nice - I have 50 or so km trek waiting for me.

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