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A Visit to Noto Antica

Yesterday, finally, I took the time for a walk to the ruins of the ancient city of Noto, now a sort of archaeological park - sort of because the place is left to itself, crisscrossed with motocross trails, church ruins used to shelter sheep during bad weather and who knows what more that I didn't notice.
It took me one hour, all uphill, to reach the eastern city limits with a nice view of the Ionian sea. And then... piles of rocks. I like piles of rocks. I mean real piles, not neatly ordered like in the China wall or the pyramids or some huge fucking cathedral. You know, the spots where hordes of so called humans start to go "oh" and "ah" and "superb" and "magnificent"... usually there I can just think how many had to die and how many died of starvation just that some jerk is now "oh-ed" and "ah-ed" by idiots. The piles I like make me smile, thinking something nasty. Like they built something like twenty churches and monasteries to the glory of some supreme being, who in return, took a few seconds of his precious time and shook a bit the ground. And turned everything into piles of rocks. And shed some more blood, but that's the usual way that supreme beings are well known for.

It was quite a huge place for the time. I climbed the tower of the Palazzo Reale near the main - west - gate and took this picture, the arrow is pointing at the monastery on the cliff on the eastern side. All this bush was the Noto Antica.

Part of the building stones was moved 7 kilometers away, to where the current Noto is, to build some more cathedrals and churches. Some more was looted in the past decades to build country houses and villas in the surrounding areas. And yet so many interesting stuff still lies there around.

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