nedelja, 22. maj 2011

Busan by day

First a stroll through the Jagalchi fish market

Not so interesting as I tought it would be. But if you have time it's worth to take a look.
Next spot for pretending to be a tourist was at the Lotte Aqua Mall.

Impressive tecnology!
Next, Busan Tower.

And Busan Tower with the Korean hero of all times, Admiral 이순신, one of the few commanders all over the world and through history that never lost a single battle.

In the park was held a religious ceremony. Don't know exactly what kind of, but for sure it was a mix between a Buddhist and a shamanist one. And a beautiful one, for sure.

And then it was the same again, like all the time on my travels... spotted by the local TV, just a short interview, please, thank you. I wonder if this happened because of my shirt which says 나 미국사람아니에요. Many people found it extremely funny. A shop assistant in a supermarket almost chocked on herself laughing.

And then another Iwanuma Volunteer came from japan and in the evening we had to meet a friend from Busan. We were waiting her at the Starbucks near the Lotte in Seomyeon for 30 minutes, then decided to call her. Where are you? At the Starbucks. Which Starbucks? Near Lotte in Seomyeon. No way, I'm there and you're not. Oh no, it sure goes the other way!
Guess what? There are two Starbucks near Lotte in Seonmyeon.

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