nedelja, 29. maj 2011

Hanging Out In Seoul, pt. 2

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We woke up early in the morning, like every day - around 2 PM - and had some great food, homemade this time. Fish kimchi stew, tofu, fried green onions and zucchini, tofu.

And then a ride on the subway to the Traditional Village.

Lix, here you can learn how to tie loudspekar's cables - see, it' so easy, a knot solves everything!

Then coffee time at Starbucks

For someone it was nappy time in the Namsan Park.

And let's go to the top... but not with the cable, not follow the road... let's cut through the woods! Funny and fast. The funniest part was when we arrived on the top and we had to climb the fence with a crowd looking at us. And almost everybody was laughing when they saw me. Well, my tee shirt.

The story about my shirt is an interesting one. It says 나 미국사람아니에요. I'm not American, that is. And I think it's funny. That's why I made it in the first place. And also it's true. But in Korea people find it not funny - it's something extremely hilarious! They burst into laughter the moment they read it. Some almost choke if they drink or eat at the moment I appear. I love making people happy but I really really wonder why this is so much fun? One possibility is that they think I do not know the meaning and that I am American. So it would be a good joke some their korean pals played on a stoopid American. That's cool even for me, even if it makes me the retard. But actually nobody is making fun of me - they laugh at some stoopid American! And that's ultra cool!

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