sreda, 01. junij 2011

A blog about my blog

Funny thing indeed. I just checked at some statistics about the access to this blog. And here is the statistics by country for the last 500 entries.
44.80% Slovenia
43.00% Japan
7.00% Korea, Republic Of
1.80% United States
0.80% Finland
0.60% Germany
0.40% Macedonia
0.40% Romania
0.40% United Kingdom
0.20% Czech Republic
0.20% Croatia
0.20% France
0.20% Sweden
Since I know that many "clicks" counted on my blog are results of weird searches on google, I took a look on the Recent Keyword Activity that showed this:
31 May 22:52:08 dag kleva blog
31 May 22:00:19 azijski spisi 2
31 May 20:20:00 spis ura je prekratka
31 May 17:55:06 spisi o življenju
31 May 14:09:50 azijski spisi
31 May 12:50:17 Co je to kimči ?
31 May 11:51:47 dag kleva
30 May 20:21:31 Lama Shenpen Rinpoche
29 May 13:59:53 presenečenje je uspelo spis
27 May 22:58:22 skice aziske sobe
27 May 09:17:41 iwanuma onsen
26 May 23:19:31 gojenje ingver
OK, some of you knew exactly what you were looking for. Others... well, some want to grow ginger. Others want to know what kimchi is. Someone needs a sketch of an Asian (misspelled) room. Most are lazy students that are looking for templates for their essays (Azijski spisi in Slovene means Asian essays). How disappointed must have they been!
But there has been a search that gave this blog as a result and of that I'm fu***ng PROUD:
24 May 16:01:23 岩沼 テント村 村長
And now, the really funny part which made me write this entry. It's the statistics of downloads. Not real downloads (probably there were some), it counts as a download even when you click on a picture to enlarge it. I wasn't at all surprised (and again very proud of this, too) when I saw that the most viewed picture in the last month was this:


Go figure about the folks who read (look at?) my blog...

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