sobota, 04. junij 2011

Running out

Running out of time, that's it. And have to run, to move, to do. Leaving Seoul tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I'm just waiting for a call - no, for a mail - to see when it will be. Should start working pretty soon, if not this Monday then next weekend, but I'm hitting the road in any case. Ramon is flying tomorrow for Helsinki so I suppose we'll meet again sometime near the end of this year, hopefully. He's already packed, I can be in 15 minutes if I'll be in a hurry. Heading south, towards my work destination.
Today another afternoon out, first a ride to 명동 (Myeongdong), a crowded shopping district of Seoul.

On the way back we stopped again on the banks of the river Han for a beer in the shade of one of the many bridges and enjoyed the view of floating dead fish in the brownish water.

Can you imagine how crowded is Seoul on a Saturday? If you can, then double the people in your imaginationa and you're half of the way to the real stuff. But... there are some quiet quiet corners, like a ghost station... not to mention that it's situated near the seoul Cemetery...

Is there anybody alive? Hallo?

Oh yes, there is someone!

The crowd makes me nervous, but the huge and empty halls of the subway give me the creeps.
Have no idea when I'll come online next time. Maybe in few days, maybe in weeks. Maybe with some good story to tell, finally!

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