ponedeljek, 29. avgust 2011

Hobo again

Can't really say a lot of positive stuff about modern slavers, but one is for sure, they are masters of applied psichology. The boss waited for me in Imgye with a beer. Who needs more?
Now I'm in the middle of nowhere, between the mountains, a place to spend the honeymoon, not to live with a bunch of Chinese workers.

It took me three days to make clear to them that I'm not from Uzbekistan. Than for a short time I was from Singapore. The boldest of them (who speaks some Korean) asked me if he can be my friend. Now he's so cocky when at least ten times a day he points to me and tells the others that we're friends.
And after a week I'm again an Uzbek...
Last year when I was posting about stinky tofu I tought I will probably never try it and yet, here I am, survived the experience. It was served in a soup with some unrecognizable things and it wasn't blueish as I read but had more of a violet dash. The smell? Not that bad, really, I ate much more stinking cheese! And the taste wasn't so special, a little bit different, I can't say the difference, but it was there. All in all, a pleasant experience.
The other stuff ain't pleasant at all. It's raddish again, no cabbage and I plain hate it. I'm staying here just because of a promise I made and the same instant I can fulfill it, I leave. Mostly because of the shitty company. I know why in China they have their so called "communism" - because they deserve it.
I adore child's surprises. They are so inventive in their cuteness that it's amazing. After two or three days here I found in my backpack a wooden medallion, a round piece of wood, on it handpainted a cute rabbit and on the reverse she left a message: 닥 아저씨 화이팅! 해 인
Life hasn't been very nice to her in the last time but she still has enough good will, courage, love and kindness to worry about me and comfort me. She really is a special girl. I suppose today is another day off so I go to visit her. Something like 6km on foot and 2 hours by bus in one way to buy her ice cream and see her smile. Of course I will demand a hug, too!
From the pictures you may deduce that we're having a good time here, but you'll be wrong. I just choose some nice pics, that's it.

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