torek, 27. september 2011

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

This morning I ate rice with hot curry for breakfast, brushed my teeth and put the textbooks, CDs, notebook and pencils in my schoolbag, waved goodbye to my hosts, shouting that I'm going to school and they replied that I have to study hard. But let's start at the beginning, two evenings ago...
The dinner was a success. Well, everybody said so and if they are just being polite, well, next time they'll eat the same, like it or not. I told them, I was very explicit about it, not to praise my cooking too much; saying that it was nothing special would have been the best option because for the next dinner I would perform culinary miracles to make it taste better.
I love people that don't complicate things. At the end there were ten people for dinner. We barely fit in my room, but it was funny. The scary part was when I realized (when the guests were already taking their places on the floor) that I have only a midget table for one person. I borrowed some dishes from my hosts, also a bucket to cook the spaghetti, but no table. Even if I wanted I couldn't, they don't have such a big one. The clever and practical mind of Korean women is simply the best. They just found an old newspaper and spread it on the floor - as I've seen in many occasions - even if this was supposed to be a special dinner, who cares! And that's the way I like it!

And they all brought presents - be it socks (many of them), cookies (absolutely delicious), boiled chestnuts, a bag of rice and... a Korean textbook. Immediately I had an awkward feeling receiving the gift and thanking for it. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. I was right. The lady who gave it to me just asked, "So, do you wish to have lessons every day? And do we start tomorrow?"
Now, of course I wish to have lessons every day and learn as much as possible as fast as I can. What I don't wish is to pass for a moron. I quite pride myself about language skills, but with Korean I'm at a loss. The pronunciation still remains a mistery to me. Oh, I get words pretty fast, but to put a sentence together is harder than load a ten ton truck with radish.
At the end I survived the lesson. A little bit reassured about my pronunciation, she's evidently a good teacher, but still feeling stupid. You see, there's a guy here, who speaks just no English, with whom I talk in Japanese. I don't want to say that I learned so much Japanese, no way, is to say how awful is my Korean!
Luckily yesterday we worked all day so I had enough time to set my mind to be a student again. Because working together with all these nice people made me craving for knowledge of Korean!

Yesterday's work, planting cabagge and broccoli, maybe more than 5000 seeds.
Break time

The Japanese speaking guy

My pretty coworkers, don't mind the grimaces, they are pretty!

My pretty coworkers drinking beer during the first morning break

View on our house from the nearby peak

Some surroundings

This one left me speechless at the local store

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  1. Sei tu, o Danao,che il dono a portare fosti.E loro,emuli compiacenti,promulgarono la sentenza:nostro tu adesso sei,la lingua degli avi nostri imparerai e con noi per sempre resterai.Per aspera ad astra.