nedelja, 23. oktober 2011

The Catalyst

Catalysis is the change in rate of a chemical reaction due to the participation of a substance called a catalyst. Unlike other reagents that participate in the chemical reaction, a catalyst is not consumed by the reaction itself. Maybe I'm a Catalyst. Today I've heard the third wedding announcement since I'm here.
I may not be consumed by this reactions around me, but I'm feeling a bit sad. No, nothing to do with weddings, for sure, they make me happy. Yesterday I've got here a few neighbors in the afternoon for coffee. Since I received some real (and really good coffee) my place became very popular among the ladies from the surroundings. It was a rainy day so we took our time, slowly sipping the hot Turkish coffee and appreciating the lokum. It was good for my brains since I was suffering from an epic hangover and when they told me the news that a young family is moving away it didn't really improved my state. It's the family of the little chap riding his bamboo stick. To make me feel really bad was the statement that they haven't been invited for any of my banquets. True, I've been never doing the invitations part, it was always someone else who did it in my name, but I felt bad the same. They asked me if there is any chance to have a goodbye dinner in my place in the near future and I just said "Today. At seven." I knew a busy week is coming with ginger tea making so that was the best chance. I had four hours but it was more than enough. Nothing complicated, two types of pasta, two different sauces. Some sesame seeds and oregano chapati to dip in ssamjang, eggplants with garlic and hot peppers, eggs with onion and kimchi and kaktugi (thanks to kind 영란 씨 ).

The little chap (I keep calling him like that because I'm not sure I got his name properly; better be that little chap than something stupid) was just crazy about my spaghetti with garlic and chilli and oil - a completely new recipe because I was out of olive oil and used sesame oil instead. Absolutely deliciousous, I agreed with him.

And my oh my is he cute!

His dad invited me to visit them when they will be settled. I was told he is a great cook so I'm really loking forwart to it. Just hope that they're not going too far away.
Eventually I made another friend like him today - only way younger. After the friends who told me about their near wedding left, I went back to my persimmon jam cooking when I heard some laughter and calling my name. Female voices, to be sure. I greeted them saying "I bet you're here just because of my good coffee!" So it was. Only no more lokum. We tried some cinnamon flavored coffee instead. And he became another great fan of my beard:

Now, I really love coffee time and chit chat with all these ladies. I only pray that I'll never receive a visit from a bunch of enraged husbands.

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  1. Haha. For me they are just ordinary baby whom I can encounter in everywhere I live.

  2. Dag, why don't you let your visitor add comment without google login. It is bothering thing.

  3. Anonimous comments are possible

  4. ... but maybe invisible to "whom he can can encounter in everywhere" ...