petek, 28. oktober 2011

Of Ginger And Rice

This time's gonna be more pictures than text. Not much to say and it's also my time for depression.
It was a week signed by ginger. Pick the ginger, clean the ginger, wash the ginger, peel the ginger, wash the ginger, slice the ginger, mince the ginger, cook the ginger.

And we made some half ton of ginger tea, next Monday we go on. Today was rice day. Yesterday we spread the rice on nets on a huge parking lot under the Hwangmae Mountain.

Since we didn't have really much to do today it was a good time to repair the nets.

And to drink beer and cook ramyon.

And play baseball.
And take a walk in the surrounding valleys.
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And have some yoga in the late afternoon.
And finally bag all the rice and load it on the truck.
And drink some soju for dinner.

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