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If Days Can Be Called Crazy

It's almost boring hearing this one "I had a crazy day". How can a day be crazy? As far as the latest statistics goes, a day still has 24 hours, 1440 minutes and so on and this day starts for everyone of you in the moment you wake up. I remeber a time I was really allergic to newspapers news saying "the road killed two people". Come on, are you kidding me? Did the road awaken in a movielike and strangled the innocent drivers?
Uhm, this switch was totally unexpected, seems my subconsciousnes is working all the time. So, let's go back, for many years, when I was still a happy teacher in Surobenia and we had a great award trip for the best students from our school. Yeah, we did some amazing rafting in the Kolpa river, had a great time and on the way home... our bus minced a biker. The moron was racing with one of his friends and in one bend he just happened to be under our bus. His fucking bike got to flames when he was dragged under the bus so also our bus caught fire.
Was it a crazy day?
Days have nothing to do with it.
Like a day when you're invited by a yoga master to visit his ... well, whatever they call it.. a yoga 道場, till I don't learn the Korean word, his yoga center. And again, I have to make another jump in time, but only four days. It was a Sunday like many others, not many work to do, so a lot of time for gathering and having common meals. I was excited and happy my teacher was back, so we could start our lessond after three weeks of vacation, but... the Doc (friend of the Yoga master) had planned an all-out drinking night. So it was, for me, at least it's how I see it, since I don't remember shit of that night and I awoke at 1PM. My dear teacher was waiting for me at 9AM. I missed many appointments in my life, but I never felt so bad like that day. I was even too ashamed to call her back (I had two missed calls from her on the phone), not to say to go to her home to apologize. Clearly she was way pissed with me - and I really really do agree with her for being it - but she just smiled at me when we met for the umpteteh common dinner of our community the same day. I managed to send her a text message saying "I'm sorry". In Korean, of course. Everyobody predicted some hard beating as punishment, alike in Korean schools still nowadays, and, to tell the truth, I would feel better if she just whipped me instead of just smiling at me and giving me the look I-know-you. Next day was same, common meals, and in late evening two drunk fellas dropped in my house. With plenty of beer and soju. I suppose it was the first time in my life I said, loudly and cleraly, "NO! GO AWAY! I DON'T WANT TO DRINK! EUN SHIL WILL KILL ME!¨" I did my best to resist to these Asain barbarians, but they overwhelmed me. I had to drink with them.

Believe it or not, I was so mad at myself and at them that I woke up at 6AM, made my breakfast, ate it, brushed my teeth, drank coffee, set fire in the gudeul and took the wrong books to my lesson. Crap again. No matter how much I want to learn Koran (and no matter how I really want to please my tecaher) I keep doing everything wong. But I'm happy to have my own GTO. Well, fuck the latin letters, I have my GT은! I survived even this lesson. And here the scary part starts.
We went to Jinju, to the Yoga master's place. Two hours of yoga killed me. I feel better after after ten hours making wood. Not to talk about th embarassment. It's a sort of public secret here how to make a couple of me and my teacher. Well, my first yoga lesson turned into ero-yoga (not my invention, it was laughably explained like this to othres later)and I really don't want go into details. Now, don't you dare to think it turned in an orgy or anything the like, no way, there's just some.. some things.. you'd be happy to do when you're alone.. I mean, when you're alone with her, with him..
Anyway I was a good boy today and I made my engrish homework (on a pissed note: I submitted some really good pics in the last year to the site but the admin seems not to like me). My comment on this is I miss crrasicar music

After lunch it went on some more common railways. I mentioned the Chalengger guy few times in my posts. He's not only my friend and my challenger (a challenge still unresolved), but he's one of the best floor heating builders in the area. To become his apprentice -wow! Well, we visited him on his latest work site, where he's trying to make a record floor heating. Bigger houses in Korea usually have separated heating systems for each room, but his project is to heat the whole house with only one furnace. For this house.

Later tehre was work waiting for me, digging arrowroota(Maranta arundinacea), unpleasant and hard work to do, but I'll have some dices of this medicine to make a good hangover tea.

After digging the roots we had dinner with three bottles of soju. Yeah, dream on, that wasn't the dinner, we have to go Mi Jeong ssi house... AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH eat, drink, sing!

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