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Bread, Rice and Dragons

Years ago, on another planet and in another life, my girlfriend asked me to which food I could compare her. My answer, without thinking, was bread. She wasn't exactly pleased, so I explained: "I could say you're like some delicious gourmet dish, something spicy, or sweet or you name it. But, the fact is, you're like bread because I can eat bread every day and never get tired of it and I just can't live without bread."
Ah, blessed naivety of fools in love! Bread? Who gives a fuck about bread!
Today is the first day of the Year of the Dragon. I arrived in Korea on the eve of the Year of the Tiger. What a year it was! A Winter with my sweet little princess, a Spring volunteering after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a Summer of slavery on raddish fields, a Fall in a quiet place I might really start calling home. Without bread. With lots of rice. I started to learn how to mix different varieties to make it even more pleasant. At times I have five or even six different types of rice in my room - yes, I sleep with my rice. When it was in the kitchen, the mice were stealing it way too much. And you can make rice even better adding different beans and grains.

It's been pretty much boring in the last few days. New year holidays. Everybody gone for family gatherings. So every day I feed the animals, I make a patrol in the village to check if everything is OK, feed the neighbor's cats and go back home to find myself some work. So far there was enough firewood to chop and pile, but for tomorrow I really have no clue what to do. Maybe it's time to study a little bit. Or a little bit more. I read my second book in Korean - I think the cover says it all.

I almost stopped watching Korean movies and dramas. I just can't find movies that I like anymore. And I spoiled myself with the drama City Hunter, after it all others are plain boring. So I switched to Japanese anime. With a smile. I always claimed that I'm not an otaku. Till the moment when my son almost choked himself laughing at me when I was explaining this to a Japanese. It was because of my Evangelion T-shirts that I was again "mistaken" for an otaku. I was a bit drunk so I explained to the guy: "You see, I'm not really into anime, I'm fan only of Evangelion... and yes, I do like all Miyazaki's movies. And Otomo's Akira and Cowboy Bebop and Galaxy Express and Photon The Idiot Adventures and Fullmetal Alchemist and Space Battleship Yamato and..." Ummm... what was I trying to explain?
So I asked a connoisseur for some good stuff and for the past days I was glued to the screen all evenings and most nights watching デッドマンワンダーランド

ひぐらしのなく頃に and ひぐらしのなく頃に解

and today I started Serial Experiments Lain

But... but... you have to believe me, I'm no otaku... and it really really DOESN'T matter that I'm listening to 分島 花音 while I'm writing this, really!
To complicate my life I installed the Korean Windows on my computer also. It's for learning, you know. And to challenge myself. For fun I connected another monitor to watch anime while comfortably lying in my bed and I found a pair of broken speakers, repaired them and no we go full volume. And yes, I still have too much time so I started another blog, Conficturae, dedicated only to fiction, poetry and photography. Feel free to visit it.

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