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The Eastern Face of Stupidity

I suppose not many know about Origenes or Origen Adamantius, an early theologian from the 2nd century. He is quite famous for his self-castration. Yup, he cut his balls, willingly, probably singing "alleluyah" during the operation. And then he was able to happily live in chastity, pray, preach and enjoy in whatever self-castrated men can enjoy.
I think I'm not the only one who considers such self mutilation as utterly moronic. Yet many people who think of Origenes as an idiot, may take another self mutilated as a hero.

This guy. Bodhidharma, the first Patriarch of Zen. He had no balls troubles, but, as the legend goes, he cut his eyelids because he fell asleep during a few years long meditation. He was quite obsessed with cutting body parts - when a very insisting pupil wanted to have him as a Master, he just shouted from his cave: Cut your arm and you can be my student! The idiot N. 2 followed his instructions (as a reward he obtained satori immediately).
Clearly Bodhidharma seems a lesser moron than Origenes - I' rather cut my eyelids than my balls, but, honestly, the only things I find normal cutting are my fingernails. And hair, yes. But still so many people go "wow" upon hearing the legend of Bodhidharma and take him for a highly spiritual man, so devoted to meditation. OK, I have to stop now or I will end in a raging diatribe. Just try to think about this.
So this last weekend we had a short vacation. On 강화도 island. Nice place, nice temples, nice errr....

Yes, yet another museum dedicated to erotic art. Call it art... it looks more like a collection of prepubescent dreams. But I can't judge, I have no clue what it is to grow in a society with such strong taboos on nudity, where even male nipples are a full scale perversion... so no wonder all the folks, mainly old ladies, were giggling and chuckling and yelling and laughing.

It was more fun (for me, anyway) in the temples. No, I wasn't spending my time on my knees in front of a wooden statute, I was meeting nice girls. You don't believe it?

As it happens now everywhere I go girls want to take a picture with me!
And I want to take pictures of ATMs in temples. As a lesson how all the point of buddhism is to be humble and modest: withdraw all your money now and give it to us!

Hey, this tree alone is enough wood for all winter!

And now you'll all think that in the evening we were completely wasted... OK, maybe we were, a little bit, but the point of the flower is to complete the Hanumanasana, the Monkey pose.. well, do not mention the monkey...

We were actually sleeping in the house of Yoga's brother (who was not there at the time) and I felt almost at home. I slept in a room full of books and comic books. True, in Korean, and I still can't read them, but I spotted one on first sight, a large volume, a sort of a bible for SF fans.. and some memories from my youth... and so on...

Yeah, the first book is The Hithchiker's Guide...

And in the morning I had some shouting (sort of "singing") when I found a CD...

Yesterday, on our way back home we stopped in Seoul for lunch. In a Coco Ichibanya. Memories from Iwanuma! I have my fingers crossed that "One years ago in Japanese Kobe" will really happen.

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