nedelja, 15. april 2012

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ricecooker

Gonna be really short this time but I just have to post some pictures.
Since my new ricecooker was only catching dust, Kyong Hee had mercy on me and she explained me how to use it. In English. She explained in English, not that I-m supposed to use it in English. The beauty of this kind of ricecooker is that it can be used to make a shitload of different food. Cakes and bread included. So even before I tried to make my first rice I made a cocoa cake.

Same day in the evening it was time for oregano bread.

And today was Kyong Hee's birthday. She loves bananas so I made a cake of bananas and yoghurt with banana cream and topped with sliced bananas.

It looked somewhat boring so I decorated it with cocoa water.

And here it's after we managed to spill coffee over the cake. 생일축하합니다!
There's just one thing I must take care of - to cook sober. Yesterday evening I was drunk as a skunk and made a loaf of bread that can be used as a mortal weapon, if I hit someone with it I can kill him. Looks like there's not gonna be lots of well baked loafs here ^_^

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