sreda, 16. maj 2012

Busy Time

Sometimes even more than busy.Today, for example, I was on my field at 5.35AM prepairing the beds to plant hot peppers, perilla and the third round of tomatoes. The early hour is nothing special in the farmer's life, but at 8.00PM I was already stomping on the last tomatoes I planted because of the dark. And didn't manage to plant a single pepper or perilla today. OK, I don't have so many tomatoes. It's just that besides my little farming hobby now I work also on two constructions sites. One is in a village nearby so I can do an hour or so on the filed in the morning and the same in the evening when we come back. But tomorrow we go on the other that is pretty much far away so usually we don't even come back home every day. And when between all this work I can manage a day off, the only thing I want, I can and I actually do is to drink myself unconscious. I'm not complaining - we work with nice people, on one site the boss is my host Sang Pyeong and on the other is the many times mentioned Challenger. There's a lot of beer all the time and even more in the evening when we end the working day. Only my field looks really disgusting compared to the others nearby and it became a common mockery that I'm growimg weed (not THAT weed, but the common nasty green crap you can use for nothing, not even in Korea).
The worst is with my Korean lessons. You haven't done your homework? What? You haven't studied a single minute? But I really didn't have time, in the evening I'm so tired I go to sleep at nine... How can you say that, I saw you today going to the village to buy beer! You have time for THAT and no time to study?
Ah, these harsh Korean teachers! Of course in a way she is right, I'm not arguing about that, but, as I explained to her, my mental sanity is first. And I also know that the Korean educational system and their way of teaching/learning are less than perfect, to use an euphemism.
What I really start to hate are the bugs. All kind of bugs. Flying, crawling, digging, they're everywhere. It's just no fun sitting outside, drinking beer and writing this. Maybe next time I will be more productive on writing another post...

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