petek, 25. januar 2013

Wind, Sun, Ocean & Flu

I do love children. Except when they cry all night long and the wall between the rooms is so thin that it seems like he's shouting in my ear... that's extremely irritating. But... but...
There's an epidemic of flu on the island. Nothing strange, with such crazy weather. One day I'm sunbathing on the beach all afternoon, next day I have to wear all the clothes I have and I still feel like freezing. One night I'm sweating under one blanket, the next two blankets are just not enough. But all in all I'm still in the best shape like some other heavy smokers. The healthy living people are all coughing and sneezing all the time. The worst is poor little Haruki. He got pneumonia. Yuuko, his mum, took him to the hospital after he was burning a fever of 40 C for two days. I wish she never did it. The godfathers of the white mafia (yes, doctors) decided the poor chap needs so many medications to be injected that they just stuck one needle in his foot and left it there so for his daily checks he's already prepared to be shot with God knows what shitty chemicals. His foot is now immobilized and he actually looks more like he had a ski accident than pneumonia. And he cries. He cries a lot and the wall between the rooms is so thin that it seems like he's crying in my ear. And I'm not irritated at all. Because between one sob and another, between one cough and another, he whispers itai ('It hurts'). And with every single itai my heart breaks and I want to cry with him. His mum can only hug him. Today Haruki looked like a zombie. His mum, just an ordinary corpse.
Since today I was off I went on a ride around the island. Around half of the island, to be precise.
First, some views from nearby.

And then just straight across the island, to the west coast. First destination Cape Inutabu. I was here in 2009.

The monument to a Japanese warship that sunk some 200 miles away. I yet have to find the place with a monument to a kamikaze.
Amazing rocks and waves. 

I also made a recording with shitty sound.
On the way to my next destination I got lost and ended on this beach. It was nice enough so I opened my bentou here and enjoyed the lunch that Chika san prepared for me.
I got it right at the next turn and I was at Innojofuta. Never been here before.

And more to the north, Mushiroze, another familiar place.

Finally I reached Kanamizaki, the most northern point of the island. I didn't have enough time to go through the sotetsu (cycads or sago trees) tunnel, just a quick look at a beautiful beach, protected by the small coral reef, and I was heading south, on the east coast, the way home.

Funny enough, I find perfectly normal driving on the left side. If I only remember all the comedy when I was here for the first time... well, it was a comedy since it didn't turn in a tragedy.

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