sobota, 09. februar 2013

Wind of Gods and Vending Machines

Today I finally managed to find the monument to the kamikaze pilots. Last time when I went to search for it I was really close - it's just that it's hidden behind a kindergarten. I find a bit scary that in the yard of the kindergarten they have an airplane od display. I just hope it's because the airport is really nearby, not that they try to educate kids to become kamikaze. Not even for peace (Kamikaze Peace Monument is the official name of the monument).
Last week the weather was perfect for humans and for plants.
Had a nice chase across the island, me the runaway on tractor, Taka pursuing me with his pickup. He was faster, but I was hiding better.
The predecessor of all vending machines. At least this is how they call them here. Have no clue what I'm talking about? Do you see a small thing with a blueish roof near the road, on the left of the truck? That's a vending machine for vegetables.
Zoomed in. There's nobody. Just vegetables packed in bags, each worth 100 yen. And a wooden box that accepts money. For a gaijin this concept of trust must be laughable, naive and/or stupid. For the Japanese it's something ususal. For them is laughable (and scary) the idea that there are places (also in Japan) where people lock the doors of their homes and cars.
From the mountain nearby. Yes, mountain. I wanted to write hill, but on the map it says "something"-山.

Ocean close-up.

Burning the fields after the harvest.
No bananas for me this year. These will ripe sometime in May.
On a cloudy morning I took some pics of a funny cloud. It's the same cloud even in the third picture, a few hours later.

This afternoon there was not just one cloud and it wasn't funny at all. I barely managed to return home with my clothes dry.

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