torek, 14. april 2015

Here I Come Here I Go

They were all making up tons of excuses why they can't come to my last party in Korea.. in the end they were too afraid of my wrath to challenge me. After the long trip they had to make they seemed to enjoy the short walk around the village. Thank yoy Jasna, Namee and Erik for this great present of your presence!
I Rang and Hyo Jun playing just before the party. I Rang was "removed", but Hyo Jun did enjoy the party to its full. You'll see later.
Heard some great songs... also some annoying sounds made by adult drunk Korean males.
As it seems a beer bottle is most alluring for Hyo Jun. I wonder where she got this weird inclinations.
We moved soon to my room that is smoke free (anyone is free to smoke) but Erik was already looking like a zombie
and soon he ended like a sleeping zombie, while we went on with drinking for a bit more.
But not for long, we ran out of beer (it wasn't me who did the preparations, I just trusted the self -proclaimed master of ceremonies that there will be beer for a week of drinking). If my revered (without irony) friend Cha Chung didn't show up with a nice Korean sixpack (=10 liters) as a present for me, the party would end way worse. It was Jun and me who were the last survivors and we managed to had two shots of soju each after the beer was gone. No fun.
Next morning the folk had left, but Jun went with me to Busan. He wanted to say the real goodbye at the airport. We stayed at the Blubackpackers Hostel in Busan, a place I visited frequently on my trips to/from Japan.
I n the evening we had a tour of some of the most awkward beer places we could find in the neighborhoo, at midnight both sleeping like corpses.
THe next night I spent it at the KLIA - Kuala Lumpur International Airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Sydney. It was my first landing at KLIA so I was surprised when I heard from a friend that only a year ago the Air Asia terminal was closed in the nighttime and the waiting passengers kicked out. Well, I still say what I wrote on FB that the transfer terminal is a cozy one, not huge like the ones I endured in Dubai or Istanbul, smaller but friendlier. And I have no intention to mention another airport that was a pain in my ass for the last year.
I know, the pictures suck, can't help it. I still haven't learned how to use properly my "new" camera.
But when I really need it I can take a decent picture where you can read the words. It's on the door of the smoking room.
I made it to Australia, I made it through the Immigration in 20 minutes flat (others in 20 seconds), went to Sydney to join the WWOOF Australia, got lost, joined the WWOOF, got lost, found the train for the Central Station, boarded the wrong train, somehow hot back to the Central, boarded the right train for Katoomba but when the train was to start something broke and the same voice that a few seconds earlier was announcing all the stops to Katoonga now flatly said this train ain' goin' nowhere, just get off... We had to board another train and were late for departure maybe 15 minutes.
And I still made in the daylight, to the Katoomba hostel, the Flying Fox. Tomorrow sleeping all day, later some hiking!

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