sreda, 01. april 2015

It's Time To Go

It s time to travel
It s time to go
It s time for packing little darling
We gonna find another world 

(Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra)

A bit more than one week and it will be the time to go. Another country, another continent, my first visit to the  Southern Hemisphere. I just couldn't take it anymore with the fucking moronic retards at the immigration offices in Korea and Japan. Yeah, I know I was suspicious but I was sure it's all a matter of legality. It was quite a shock to find out that in Japan the motherfucking shitheaded migra officers can deny the entry to anyone, without explanation, on their discretion - their decision is above the law. I had the proof of this in Shimnoseki when, after being denied the entry, I was told that I can make an appeal to the decision. Will it be of any help? I asked and the bastard started laughing. Loud, like he had heard the best joke in his life. He didn't even answer. I didn't need him to.
And yeah, I know, as a friend told me, it won't be much different in other countries. Maybe not much, but a bit better it will be. Migra pigs are same all over the world, but institutionalized paranoia and hatred of foreigners are really prominent in these two countries. And maybe exactly because of this it was always so refreshing to find people  who seriously don't care about nationality, race etc and judge you by the work you do and the beer you drink. And because I met lots of them I made it through all these years.
 I'm gonna miss them all, from Japan and Korea, but at present I will miss most little Hyo Jun because I know she'll miss me.
Spring - finally - seems to start, but the weather was gloomy for the past few days. I'm giving it a week to change for better since I was promised an unforgettable farewell party. Unforgettable? I bet I'll forget everything since I plan to be dead drunk.

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