torek, 12. april 2011

Baka gaijin N.2 comes to Japan

It's been another long journey by the sea, but I survived and landed in Hakata. Looks like I'm a lucky guy with ferries. I always get the ticket just when I walk in the Busan Ferry Terminal. Others, with whom I spoke to, all make reservations since at it happened to all of them that they were stuck in Busan for a day or two, waiting. It happened also to my Japanese friend a month ago.
At the end I wasn't alone on the ferry. There were maybe 50 people and, lucky as I am, I was the only gaijin. That's good, you know. Nobody's telling you how great are the States and how shitty are Japan, Korea and Asia in general. And most of the passengers were retards.. em, sorry, it was a typo... were retired. And that in Asia can be pretty bad because, you know, respect the elders, elders first and all that stuff. Well, I can be also polite and respectful to elders, but when they are so bossy and arrogant I just want to kick their ass. I'm not mean, I won't do it, but I would like to watch your face when you will be pushed away all the time by tiny grannies. And let me tell this: they do it for fun. There was more than enough place on the ship, it's made for 500 passengers. So at first I thought that this is maybe some pushing game but noticed that they do it with a wicked grin, not with a smile. Maybe is payack time for them, for being pushed all their lives.. but WHY ME???
I ate my cup ramyon for breakfast and changed my clothes. I now that travelling with a backpack is huge drawback for sneaking easy through Immigration and Customs, but I found sort of antidote for that. A nice clean shirt will do miracles. It worked when I came to Korea in February and for the first time nobody discussed my right to stay there for three months. It helped this morning, too, Im sure of it. They wanted to search my backpack, no mistake. You know, a backpack is stil a... backpack. Sort of suspicious item. But the way it was searched was more on the funny side. I could have been smuggling just *anything*, except a dead horse. And when I said that my travel purpose is hanami, the search was over. Have a nice time in Japan! Arigatou gozaimas!
Confident in my memory, knowing exactly where and how to go I almost died in my first minute in Japan. OK, I'm beeing a bit of a drama queen... but it could have happened. Yes, I was confident about returning to Japan, so confident, that I forgot where I am. How to cross the street. Looked left and proceeded, just to jump back in terror on the sound of breaks. I bowed, looking like a guilty sheep, to the driver, who wasn't leaning on the horn and cursing but just bowed back and waved me to just go on. Thanks man, you saved my life today!
I messed up again going to the bus terminal. My Japanese friend told me that The Hakata Bus Terminal is way closer to the port than the Tenjin Bus Terminal. So I decided for the closer and went there with a map of Hakata in my mind, but with memories of Fukuoka in the memory. So at one point I found myself lost, more or less somewhere between the two terminals. And I tried my luck asking for directions. I didn't specify which bus terminal I was looking for, in hope that I'll be shown the way to the nearest. And I was shown. I suppose the guy speaks no English, but he understood my question and just waved in one directions. Thta's gonna be crap. Asking at every corner and look where will be they pointing. I made maybe 100 meters in the way he showed me and I was in front of the Hakata JR Station. The bus terminal is just behind it, so much for my sense of orientation!
Yesterday evening on the ferry I saw in the Japanese news that *another* 7 M hit in Tohoku. Just hours after sirens and tears marked one month from the first hit. Now here's my request for all you out there that believe in gods, angels and stuff. Please tell them that doing this is flogging a dead horse. This is kicking the beaten guy lying on the ground. Tell your God that he is an evil bastard. And don't try to go on with some bullshit like bad karma or negative vibes. If you believe in gods and angels... well, it's THEM to blame for this. And more to it, it's YOU to blame for believing in such wicked creatures that come comfy just when you want them to.
As I said it was a long night, but Japan welcomed me with a warm smile this time. And this time it's the rest of the world that makes me pissed. So I will just forget everything and enjoy in the cherry blossoms.

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  1. Forget about gods,the present disaster is an american scenario to put Japan on the knees,they've allready made some publicity on theme "is it time to buy Japan?"You know,Quakes&Floods&Rock'n Roll,do it now before China does it.Good luck anyway,together you're strong,help them win.