ponedeljek, 18. april 2011

Sayonara Nagasaki!

It's been a long week, made of long nights. Even the night when we left for Tokyo was long, it was 14 hours by bus.
Nagasaki was great as ever. It's just a place where you keep coming back. I don't know who's to "blame" for this, maybe great folks at Akari hostel, maybe Kentaro-san and his bar, maybe the liquor shop next door to the hostel, the red light district... Maybe even the guy who every morning at 4AM started his van and we were laughing from the bridge. Maybe Matsumoto-san who just asked if it's us that keep drinking all night long on the mentioned bridge. Maybe all of them, working together and keeping Nagasaki such a nice place.
And yes, OK; I have to admit it, it's also all the pretty, beautiful and extremely beautiful girls we've met.

Yes, we found the heart-shaped stone near the Spectacles bridge.

First some blossoms...

... and later some SAKE-BON! Even for Kentaro-san was the first time to see it.

That's how Kentaro-san hopes to see you soon.

Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs...

More blossoms, in a temple.

The WHAT????

Matsumoto-san: Are you the guys who spend all the time drinking in front of Akari?

Kentaro-san and his assistant performing on keg guitars.

In the next door liquor shop. They nearly started to cry when we came to buy the last beer and said our goodbyes.
At Akari they didn't cry, they were just laughing when they saw us with beer... again.

Night bus from Hakata to Shinjuku, Tokyo. 14 hours.
Tokyo, finally. Cocoon Tower in Shinjuku.

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