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El Nido

Second day in El Nido, on Palawan island. Arrived here way earlier than expected, in the middle of the night and that doesn't sound like "early morning" to me... so I decided to sleep on the beach and go to the hostel really in the "early morning". I couldn't sleep. No, there were no cops chasing backpackers away, the problem was the noise. All the beach looked like one huge party. So I joined it. And eventually was invited to the loudest place, where the party went on for the longest time - till morning. At one point I was introduced to the umpteth guy who asked me "So you're from Slovenia?" Yeah, I told him, Slovenia, and that is not Slovakia, OK? "Vem, js sm tud iz Slovenije," he replied. I just stared at him, not knowing if I should run away or simply bury him under 2 meters of sand. In the end I just kept my distance. But he was from Slovenia for sure. The friends he made her were a bit worried about him, kept saying that every day he drinks to much, he should take a break abd stuff like that. I laughed at them. Don't worry to much, guys, he's the real deal, if he says give me booze, just give him. Only take care that he doesn't fall in the ocean when he's that drunk. That puzzled them a bit. I mean, why in the world you mention this so specifically? Clearly we won't let nobody fall in the water drunk, in the niddle of the night! I told them the simple truth: he may think that he fell in a pool of rum and in no time you'll have a low tide. They stopped worrying about his drinking.
We met a few hours later (NOT with the Slovenia guy!) - the DJ and some others left before, mumbling something about waking up a dealer to get some pepper so they can survive the night. I'm out of this so I really have no clue what kind of illegal stuff they were looking for. They came back, it was already dawning and they found me with a beer, sitting in the sand. They had only one question: On what am I? They still think I'm a liar because I told the truth. Beer only.
Eventually I made it into my hostel, La Banane, slept almost all day, had few beers and went to sleep again. Wanted to be in shape for today's island hopping.
The kids here sure are clean, start bathing early in the morning
Fashion dog

El Nido from the sea

Lunch time!Eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, fish, squid, pork, chicken, rice, bananas, pineapple.

Our boat, the Light Bearer (and I thought that here the folks were more devout christians har har har)

The best part of the tour was Secret Lagoon. I was a bit fed with all the poetry used for the names, Paradise Beach, Secret Beach, Green Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, Polka dot Lagoon (I made up the last three), but in the end I had to admit that in this case nomen est omen.
A small hole in the volcanic cliff. 
On the other side...

With sea water, but the level is at least one meter higher than the sea. Go figure. Last stop on Commando beach. Finally I could buy a co.. co... a co... COLD BEER!

The boat master said we'll stay here for one hour. Whoa, you'll see how much can I drink in an hour! Only that.. chief Norman... don't you think the weather is starting to look bad? Don't worry, maybe just some rain, we had some rain during lunchtime and it was no problem for you, was it?
No chief, I'm not talking about the clouds but about THAT thing that just appeared  from behind that island....

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