sreda, 28. avgust 2013

Flowing Through

From the Greek διάρροια, δια dia "through" + ρέω rheo "flow" meaning "flowing through", And quite a lot is "flowing through" me... Ah well...
The Green Mango Inn in Parañaque, Manila. Nice place, cheap and cold beer.
Spending most of the time in the garden, reading books, watching anime and drinking beer.

But not today. Today the restroom is my favorite place.
Yesterday night I went out with Gellow, a Philippino DJ that I met at the hostel. We had a few buckets of beer (yes, buckets!) and after the third bucket he convinced me that I have to try sisig - If you haven't tried sisig, you haven't been in the Philippines! At that point I was ready to try anything, even the Scottish haggis. It turned out quite similar. Pig head, boiled, broiled and fried. With eggs, hot peppers and lime. The strong sour taste of the lime saved my face. So did the hot peppers. I guess today I shouldn't ask why I'm visiting the toilet every few minutes.
And then it was tequila time. Luckily, not in buckets but in reasonably small glass. I have no idea how or when I came back to the hostel - I mean, I know how, in Gellow's car, but I know it only because he told me so. For what I know I could have been flying. In the morning i went to the Mini Stop convinience store at the corner of Aguirre Avenue to buy juice and coffee, still alcohol-confused and for a moment I had the feeling that I tequila-warped myself back to Korea...
The juice was also oishi, so maybe I'm in Japan?
Tomorrow afternoon I go back to the airport, to fly to Palawan and then go to El Nido.

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