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Metallica, 김창완 and 신중현

We - my martial arts sensei Jun and me - arrived in Seoul on Sunday around 2 PM, still a bit hangovered from two bottles of his flower liquor, so the first thing to do was to buy a beer. We were a bit afraid of doing it earlier since we came to Seoul by bus - 3 hours and half with just one stop. The streets to the Olympic Stadium were crowded with concert-goers, Metallica T-shirts sellers and ticket dealers. When asked for the tenth time if he needs a ticket, Jun finally asked the dealer how much are the tickets. I wasn't sure if I heard correct, but when Jun's face turned pale, I knew I got it right. It was three times cheaper than the tickets we bought online a month earlier. After some scouting we found the nearest store to the stadium - it was easy, since it was all the time under siege and they were selling beer in front of the store."Fuckin' cold beer" was shouting the guy and he wasn't lying. And it was half the price compared to the beer at the concert.
After a sixpack it was time to check the stages. We exchanged our tickets for the bracelets and Jun warned me that I need another bracelet as age verification in case I'm going to buy beer during the concert. Yeah, like hell I need it.. but in any case.. and like I need to be told something so obvious...
The main stage.
I forgot how many tons of stuff was loaded on the stage, but I remember that the staff for the event counted 840 people. We were not really intersted in Rocket from the Crypt, so we just took a quick look and ran back out for some more beer. And a smoke. No smoking allowed inside. The dress code was pretty much funny. All in all I saw maybe 15 Koreans which made clear with their image that they are going to attend some event related to rock - any kind of rock. Only one guy with long hair. It was Jun, my friend. Tatoos and piercings to be seen only on foreigners (tons of them - foreigners, not tatoos). For the rest I saw a girl wearing cat ears and another one with the polka dot hair bow of Minnie The Mouse. They were cute, not saying anything, it's just that they didn't belong in a crowd going to a Metallica concert, that's all.
Finally, the first band we were waiting for, 김창완 Band.

Korean old school rock.

김창완밴드 by dagkleva

Sometimes young musicians should give more place to harmless looking old guys. During this gig I noticed a small crowd forming away from the stage and I got curious. It was worth. That's koreans for you, when it comes to the effort to take a good picture! (Luckily it was a Hyundai concert. I really wouldn't like to meet a Samsung drone - combat drones deployed in the DMZ, with a license to kill.)

drone by dagkleva
And again out, more beers, and some more beers and.. no, Dag, please stop.. come on, Jun, just another sixpack, if you really can't more have just one, I will take care of the rest... and soon it was time for 신중현, another legend of Korean rock.
Another picture that sucks... so I found another one on the web and you can see how a living legend looks like...
He was great. I got goosebumps all the time. For the last song he brought on stage a chorus of 60 or so kids... amazing.
Another thing that amazed me was the realization what kind of folk came to the concert. I mean, it really really surprised me to see that Korean metalheads go for champagne...
And then.. and then... it was time for ENNIO MORRICONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY! Why was then four of them on the stage?

metallica by dagkleva
Crap video and even more crap of a sond, but if you're a Metallica fan you can guess the songs.Eventually became so hot, even more hot than under the afternoon sun, that I was quite happy when it all ended. So we could go to buy some more beer. And then some soju with tteokbokki on a street stall. Another beer, but only for me. Jun had already passed out.
Almost literally passed out; when some time later started raining I couldn't wake him. I hit him a few times, every time jumping away to a safe distance - didn't want to get killed by some weird reflex of his. No way. So I just dragged him under the nearest roof and left him lying on the concrete, while I had a nice cardboard bed to sleep in. The same street sweeper woke both of us, cursing and swearing that we're in his way, he just wants to do his job but how are honest workers supposed to work with people like us around blah blah blah blah.. you know it all.
Amazingly, it was time for a coffee! Later some juice, too. And a public bath to relax.. hey, already lunch time! How about a beer? Hell yes, and not only one, I feel thirsty like yesterday I haven't drunk a single drop of liquid! Let's make sure to fight dehydration! Fight! Fight! Fight! Maybe we should lie down a little bit in this park, what you say? Eventually we were picked by two girls and treated to dinner with some fancy liquor that I strongly disliked and said so, too.
To make up the girls brought us to a bar. And, what a coincidence - the left one is an otaku. She loves Myazaki. Finding another otaku is NOT a coincidence. The coincidence was on the other side of the street.
A restaurant called Porco Rosso.
The rest is history. Mostly forgotten. Came back home two days later. In two days I fly for Manila.

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