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How to get wasted with makkoli

I'll try blogging in English, like my dear Japanese friend from Tokunoshima. For a while, at least
For those who don't know what makkoli is: fermented rice drink, some call it rice wine but it's actually more a beer since it has from 3 to 5% of alcohol, mostly on the less than more. Its refreshing and is used to be drunk during working breaks since is so mildly alcoholic that there is no fear for workers to get drunk. So, how the hell could I manage to get wasted on it? The answer is very very simple. Just take a look at this picture:

Yes, you guessed, it's full of makkoli.
But let's start from the beginning. It was a misty Sunday morning over the bamboo forest somwhere in South Korea. Actually it was in Sunjidong-gil, but you just have no clue where that is.

After the usual morning schnaps before breakfast I went with Mr. Kim to the suburbs of Gwangju where some friends of his rented a piece of land and in their free time they dedicate themselves to organic farming. We were there for our carpenters' skills, but I also helped with fire - we had to boil water and grease in the new pots before they will be used for the first time.

We started drinking makkoli way before lunch.

After lunch we basically didn't stop drinking it. Well, I surely didn't and same goes for my drinking buddy. He can't speak a word in English and my Korean is still awful, but we had great time and communication was perfectly fluent. Fluent as makkoli.

Dude, we drunk it all! No use holding it in your lap!

Well, there was also a pretty lady, maybe I should come here more often.

She was drying raddish leaves, not that I knew it but she asked me if I know what is that. When she told me what it is I took a closer look and almost had a blast. The rope to hang the leaves is a UTP Cat 5 cable in perfect condition! Must be way cheaper here than in EU.

During dinner I was already quite drunk, I wasn't that pissed like I look.

When we got back home I had a few more beers and the next morning was pretty much disastrous. Woke up at 7 with a hangover and than a two hours ride to the working place. Luckily another misty morning, so no freaking sun in the eyes. We stopped for a short break on the sea shore. Yes. the sea is somwhere there, far away...

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