sobota, 19. marec 2011

Some more food

Last week Kwan Chul wanted to give me a Korean name. I politely refused, sying that I already have a Korean name - 닥. 닥 is actually my real name, written in hangul, but pronounced slightly differently, it sounds like Tak.And it also has a meaning, I dont even have to know how to write it in hanja, the Chinese characters. It means hen. And that's fine with me. It was also fine for Hae In, when we first met, she found me funny immediatly. I love being a funny uncle.
And that is also how I became the main course of a dinner.
The great thing about hanging out with locals in some small and forgotten places - not only forgotten by God, but sometimes also forgotten by the people that just live there - is that in this way you can find many hidden things, small jewels of nature, simple temples and... restaurants. The last one we've been can't be found by chance. You can't just pass by and say "Hey, looks like a nice place to stop, let's eat something". Also the local ajuma had troubles to remember exactly where it is. We did some driving in the hills and at last found it. It was worth. For the banchans. Sixteen (16, yes!) of them. Everything. Kimchi, obviously. Chestnuts. Pineapple. Cabbage root. Raddish. Oak jelly. Hot tofu. Some stuff I have no idea what it was - top right corner, green cubes. And if you look closely you can see some weird cutlery in the bottom right corner.

Yep, it finally happend to me, too. When the waitress spotted a round-eyed foreigner she hurried and brought me a fork. I was offended. Doesn't she know about my chopsticks skills? Of course she doesn't, you arrogant prick! And I just smiled and said komapsumnida!
And then the ajuma and Kwan Chul tried to explain to the poor waitres that they want me for the main dish. She didn't get it even after they explained her several times that I'm 닥 - the hen, you remember? So they gave up and just oredered a 닥 and everything was fine. And we got this huge hen, stuffed with medicinal herbs.

But wait... it's not just herbs... looks like... yes, looks like we're carpenters so they stuffed it also with some wood!

And later a night drive to Soho, searching for a good coffee bar and a good one we found! Good for the coffee, I mean, I really wasn't drooling because of the cute waitress! And the view was also nice.

The work for the ajuma will soon be finished.

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  1. Ha! Reminds me, last night I also had a plate of spaghetti at dinner - and before we started eating, Yuko gave me a fork for the western dish, though I didn't realize what it's for. The fork remained untouched ^_^