sobota, 29. december 2012

Prince Aze Beach

Holidays are close, today we stopped all the work before lunch. After lunch I went with Taka san and Haruki to Kamtsu for some shopping. I had no idea that this shopping meant 'buy beers for Dag, buy many beers'. I was smiling to Haruki, the beer hasn't arrived yet here.
Oh yes, we bought also a bicycle. I tested it immediately, riding to my favorite beach on Tokunoshima, Prince Aze Beach. After 5 minutes I was sick of the bicycle and wanted to go back home to switch it for the scooter, but I endured another 5 minutes and was rewarded with the view that I kept in my heart for the last four years.

Commercial break. Kirin. Brewed for good times.

On the way home. View of the sugarcane valley from the village.

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