petek, 28. december 2012


My last night on Okinawa was a hard one. The new guest in our dormitory was a prodigy - he managed to outsnore me. Those who know me can imagine what kind of noise that was. At 3.30AM I had enough of it, had to get up early anyway, took a shower, made me a liter of coffee and a slow breakfast, still no hurry, watched an anime and finally it was five, I checked once again if all my stuff was packed and Sayonara, Base Hostel, see you next year! A half hour walk to the port, bought my ticket and boarded the ferry for the nine-or-so-hours trip to Tokunoshima. I got seasick few minutes after we left the port of Naha. And I wasn't the only one. Quite a lot of the passengers in the cabin were throwing up which made me sick even more. I went on the deck to bid farewell to the island, but it was freezing cold and the rolling of the ferry even worse.
The smoking area on the ferry is pretty small, but, as you can guess, it didn't cross the mind of any smoker to trespass the yellow line.
Besides, you also have the choice to not to smoke in the smoking area. Or to smoke where is forbidden to? I don't get. It's Japan, you know.
But I survived, it's the fate of survivors. Slept quite a lot, in fact and was feeling a little bit better when in the afternoon we came to Tokunoshima.

Taka san was waiting for me at the port with his little grandson Haruki. When we met last time (with Taka san, not with Haruki, this was the first time to meet the boy) I wasn't able to say a single word in Japanese. This time I greeted him properly in Japanese so, as I expected, he started talking with me in Japanese. Sorry, let's switch to English, OK?  With Chika san was all smiles and laugh, she doesn't speak English, so she cleraly spoke with me in Japanese, probably not expecting any kind of reply so she was really shocked when I answered correctly to her inquiry and the next moment she flooded me with Japanese that I couldn't understand. But she was happy to find out that I started learning and now everybody is speaking with me very slowly and in simple sentences so I can say that I'm making some slow progress. Mostly because of little Haruki. I met his mother during dinner and was happy because finally I used hajimemashite instead of hisashiburi. The little chap found me interesting (maybe thinking that I'm Ramon) and we started playing while eating and continued after dinner when he received the present that Santa san left. He got one of those books with pictures that come with a "magic" pen - when you press the pen on a picture it says the name of the thing. And the pen has two modes: modo Nihongo  and modo Eigo. Great! We can study together! So we did. And when he was bored I just took his hand and guided him so that he pressed the pen to my head, at which I said (imitating at my best the voice of the pen): BAKA! Poor Haruki didn't have a clue why everybody was laughing so loud.
I realized how worn out from the ferry I was when I started dozing after two small cans of Kirin. Oyasumi, tomorrow is an early wake up and start to work. And after four years (almost) I was more than pleased to go to work in the morning again on a Yamaha scooter, model Vino, the same one. Only the helmeto is different and there's a new bento box.. No more communication like with the old one.
The sugarcane is waiting. It will wait for few weeks more.
Today we finished early, part because of the bad weather, part because it's time to start the New Year holidays. I went immediately to the nearest beach, just to walk on the sand.

View of the lower village from the graveyard.
And this is the decoration in front of the house for New Year. A traditional one.

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