torek, 18. december 2012

Time Travelers

As I predicted in the last post, things started to happen the moment I moved. Actually even before. The last evening at my home we had a nice farewell dinner with the neighbors - I made a few different dishes with rutabaga and we drank several different alcoholic beverages, ranging from 5,8% beer up to 55% persimmon spirit and I fell asleep at 7AM. Two hours later the worried neighbors woke me up so I didn't miss the bus for Seoul. There I stayed for two days in apartment of my friend and in one moment I almost freaked out. I was studying the airport plans to be able to find the Peach self check-in booth as quick as possible, when I noticed a warning on their web site. "If you have problems with your self check-in, please contact us 24 hours in advance and be at the booth at least 80 minutes prior to your departure." Great. I know how machines love me. So if I will get in troubles getting my ticket I'll just have to go back one day, call them and tell them to fuck off? I know that I can't complain much, they are a low fare operator and to keep their really low prices they have to cut on all luxuries (You want to drink water on the plane? Pay for it.), but to have no personel at all at the airport seemed a bit too much to me. In the end there was no need for the self check-in since a pretty girl checked me (I wished she could check me more...) and at the security control I had to give up on my favorite terrorist weapon of mass destruction, the shaving foam. I was boarding at 10AM and heard an announcement for more time travelers. It said that the flight for Ho Chi Minh is due to depart at 10:10 and was calling the passengers to be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes earlier. Nice. This time I was lucky, I wasn't going to Vietnam. Even nicer... well, I apologize to the female readers here because I will sound like a male pig for all the comments I'll make but I just can't restrain myself. It's just that on the plane I had such a beautiful view... and I wasn't looking out of the window. The beautiful smiles and being again in the air made the flight a pure pleasure, I almost didn't care when few times we hit some pretty bad turbulences (actually some unsecured stuff went flying around the cabin and there were some panicking yells). I pretended to be cool and pretended that I was reading my Evangelion manga in Korean.
At the immigration the usual annoying guys and yet again I had to lecture them about Japanese geography - for my address in Japan I left the address in Tokunoshima, which is near Okinawa but is part of the Kagoshima province. And they wanted to know why I wrote an address from Kagoshima (which is in fact some 1000km far from Tokunoshima) if I'm going to Okinawa... Surprisingly they accepted a gaijin's lecture and I was free to pollute the Japanese land with my presence.
Six hours to wait for the next flight in the small terminal 2 of Kansai airport.  Free wifi, smoking room, canned coffee. It's been two hours since I arrived here and I'm starting to freak out the folk here. I'm on the terminal for local flights and I stand out like a gaijin in Japan, aimlessly strolling  around, oblivious of all the staring. Time for a beer. Kampai!

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