petek, 14. december 2012

Time To Go!

And time for another post, finally.
Nothing exciting happened lately. Snow, ice, cold - yet another winter. But not for me. For a long time I've been planning to spend this winter on the Philippines but, as it goes with my plans, everything changed when I was looking for the best (cheapest) flight to Manila. I stumbled upon a promotional winter sale of Peach, a Japanese low-cost operator and bought a return ticket Osaka - Okinawa for the price of two sixpacks. The flight from Seoul to Osaka was a bit more expensive, but not much. And so next week I'll be enjoying the rainy Okinawa, but with friendly warm temperatures. I'll try to visit Koza on December 20th, the anniversary of the Koza riot when enraged locals attacked and set fire to an American military base. From Okinawa I'll go to a dream island, Tokunoshima, and spend there the winter, harvesting sugarcane. I wonder how many of my drinking buddies there will I be able to meet again. I hope my knowledge of Japanese will impress them - with all the anime watched I built a vocabulary of more than 100 expressions (of which more than half is completely useless in normal life) and I started to learn hiragana.
One thing is for sure: for the next few weeks I will make happen a lot of thins worth of blog posts, after all it's gonna be my first Xmass, new year and birthday in Japan!
Now it's almost two years since I was on a plane for the last time. Can't wait to fly again. And to think that it was not so long ago, in 2006, that I took my first plane and I was screaming in terror all the way to Istanbul. I'm actually so excited that I'm almost finished with packing my stuff. I only have to do a good cleanup of the house, since it's going to be empty for few months - but I can't start it yet, since tomorrow we're having a farewell dinner here. A rutabaga dinner. The folks here are going to have rutabaga nightmares after it.

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